FIBC Liner Range


NPP supply a wide range of FIBC big bags, we are proud to supply protective packaging to many leading blue chip companies within the Irish Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical industries alike. Our FIBC manufacturing facility has a fully accredited independent hygiene facility. Within this clean environment, our bulk bags are produced for the food and pharmaceutical industries under stringent hygienic conditions. These conditions are regulated by I.C.C.E., and utilise the most advanced technology currently available.


ALUMINIUM LINERS are known to be the best oxygen & Gas barrier, and preferred for transport and stocking of humidity/gas sensitive products. These liners are specially designed to be used for fine powderous materials and solvent based materials to have conductive properties, but also include a food grade internal layer.


BAFFLE LINERS when inserted into an FIBC, it enables a perfect shape to form within the bag after filling allowing the advantages of stability and minimum loss of space, if you require a waterproof bag with above features the baffle liner is a perfect solution. These liners are produced in clean room environment to Class 100.000 which is suitable for packing food and pharmaceutical products.baffle2


CONDUCTION LINER is specifically designed to be able to discharge the electrical charge inside the liner. The inside layer of this product is produced using raw materials approved for food contact regulations.