Conductive Bags


NPP supply a wide range of FIBC big bags, we are proud to supply protective packaging to many leading blue chip companies within the Irish Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical industries alike. Our FIBC manufacturing facility has a fully accredited independent hygiene facility. Within this clean environment, our bulk bags are produced for the food and pharmaceutical industries under stringent hygienic conditions. These conditions are regulated by I.C.C.E., and utilise the most advanced technology currently available.

Conductive – Type C

FIBC conductive BULK BAG - Type CSome bulk materials can create static energy during filling and discharging which may cause an electrostatic discharge in the bag or on its surface. If there is flammable dust or gas present in the atmosphere during the filling and discharging process, there is a risk of fire or an explosion. To prevent this hazard, grounded FIBC’s are the ideal solution. The conductivity of these units is usually provided by carbon tapes which are woven into the fabric and the webbing. Silver tapes are used instead of carbon for food applications. The body construction of the FIBC can be produced from a flat or circular Fabric either coated or uncoated. Conductive Liners are also available for use if waterproof applications are required. TYPE C FIBC’s must be grounded during the filling and discharging process and every groundable bag produced is 100% checked and labelled accordingly for its conductivity.


FIBC conductive BIG BAGS CROHMIQ - typeDCorona TYPE D bags offer an alternative to the above TYPE C bags. The special construction of the Type D fabric eliminates the need of an earth connection during the filling and discharging of materials, therefore TYPE D bags are a more practical than the groundable bags and avoid operator errors. The Crohmiq® fabric was developed to cover a growing need for an ungrounded static protective solution for bulk packaging. Due to its reputable safety record, as of today, over 500 leading companies worldwide prefer FIBCs manufactured from Crohmiq® fabric for their static bulk bag requirements.