Aluminium Pouches

Aluminium foil’s unrivalled barrier properties, which can completely exclude moisture, microorganisms, light, oxygen and other gases makes it a primary material in the protective packaging of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Coupled with flexibility and formability, the ease with which aluminium foil can be coated, printed, laminated, slit, cold-formed and embossed qualifies it as an extremely versatile Aluminium Pouchespackaging material.

The foil laminates are manufactured in a cGMP compliant environment to meet the needs of pharmaceutical customers. We can support your needs for accurate documentation, including traceability reports as well as product technical data etc.

Product Features

  • Pouches can be customised to your individual requirements
  • Packaging to maintain product efficacy and provide product protection from oxygen, moisture, chemical, UV light and visible light
  • Unprinted or printed pouches
  • Keeps samples and products safe from contamination
  • Manufactured in a cGMP compliant environment