Transportation and delivery of goods are an essential part of many businesses. Roughly 2% of goods are damaged in transit, and this is often because of inadequate packaging and poorly erected cases. The goal is to get your products moving safely throughout the distribution system so that it arrives with the customer in the same condition as it left the warehouse. Packaging plays a huge role in this process , and there’s no better way to transport goods than with 90-degree angle boxes.

The benefits of 90-degree angle boxes
Cases with 90-degree corners have 30% more stacking strength. With this extra strength, it allows several cases to be stacked on top of each other. This reduces cost of transportation as more deliveries can be stored in a single load.

Not only do cases with 90-degree angles travel better, but the contents within the corrugated box are less likely to get damaged. The products fit into the box perfectly, with no friction between goods while in transit. Because of the 90-degree angle, there is also no friction between the box and its contents, which results in less damage and a safer way to deliver goods.

More productive packing lines
Square boxes also have the benefit of being more machine friendly. Cases that are not straight can jam machines in the packaging line. This not only slows down workflow but can also result in damage to the products and the machine itself.

Lantech Case Erectors are designed to consistently deliver 90-degree angled boxes. The case erector machine builds corrugated boxes with right angles to protect goods, reduce damage and increase productivity.

Not only would investing in the machinery reduce labour costs, but it would also increase productivity. Lantech case erectors can build up to 30 boxes per minute, while it takes 7 people to erect 30 boxes per minute.

Return on Investment
Lantech understand that efficiency is incredibly important to businesses, as is Return on Investment. It costs €0.07 to erect a box by hand, while Lantech machinery costs less than half that, at €0.03. By investing in a Lantech case erector, a company will save €24,000 per year in labour costs. In short, the Lantech case erector pays for itself in just over a year.

Which machine is right for you ?
There are several considerations to take into account to decide which machine is right for you. For example, the range of Lantech carton erectors vary depending on the rate of productivity required. The types of machines can be roughly broken into two categories: modular and standard. A modular machine can vary in composition and can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements. It is also possible to use several magazines so the machine can erect up to four different case sizes interchangeably. A standard machine has a single magazine with a certain case range. This means that different case sizes can be erected once they fall in the specific range.

Lantech Case Erectors’ Capabilities.
The case erectors from Lantech vary to meet your business’s needs. The MFC-1000 offers a single solution to a common issue: it allows up to four varied sizes of corrugated boxes to be erected in one place. The MFC-1000 can produce 10-18 cases per minute, with a tape head or hotmelt option. This high speed machine is designed for increased productivity and palletizing efficiency. Reduced time and labour results in cost savings and allows freedom to invest in other amenities that your business needs.

If your business is short on space but need to have a reliable source on the packaging line, the Lantech CI-1000 is for you. A more compact option, this machine may be smaller, but just as mighty, as its high speed allows it to build up to 25 cases per minute.

CI1000 case erector

Whether it is an automatic or semi-automatic case erector, Lantech’s 90-degree design results in less damage to goods, increased productivity, reliability, and reduced cost of labour. NPP can offer advice on the most suitable machine for your operations.

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