NPP Group Ltd Acquires Asgaard Packaging

NPP Group Ltd are delighted to announce the acquisition of Asgaard Packaging Ltd.

NPP is a leading supplier in the flexible packaging market. Founded in 1984, NPP specialises in delivering high quality packaging to a range of industries including Food, Agri, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device. NPP’s history is rich in product innovation, continuous improvement, customer focus, and unrivalled service. With this acquisition, NPP’s product range is further expanded and this supports the company’s strategy to become a “one stop shop” for all flexible packaging. Continue reading

Stretch Wrap – Safety, Stability & Sustainability

In recent years, the race to zero micron has accelerated with stretch wrap cost reduction becoming a greater driver than pallet stability for many users. The once old reliable, sturdy, 23 micron is almost a thing of the past as film providers push down gauged thinner films and the latest fads in a bid to gain competitive edge over their rivals. Continue reading

FIBC’s Types & Uses

Some bulk materials can create static energy during filling and discharging which may cause an electrostatic discharge in the bag or on its surface. If there is flammable dust or gas present in the atmosphere during the filling and discharging process, there is a risk of fire or an explosion.  Therefore, it is crucial to select the right FIBC type for your application. Continue reading

Ensuring Safety with Tamper Evident Sleeves

Protecting drugs, medicine or food with tamper evident sleeves is a critical safety measure in preventing the product from being altered, diluted or replaced with fake product. With a tamper evident solution it ensures a last level of defence for the consumer by indicating if the bottle has been tampered with or opened. Continue reading

Protect The Product Within – Void Fillers

Void Fill packaging is a convenient and effective way of protecting your products during transit. The importance of the shipments always arriving in perfect conditions is a vital issue for all companies. Void Fillers are a highly recommended product to protect fragile, perishable and heavy products. Continue reading


As its name suggests Pharmasac is a quality assured sack developed specifically for hygiene critical internal transfer applications. Post production but pre-packaging, Pharmasac will protect your products from contamination in transit and you can be certain that the sack itself will not leave any trace or residue on the contents. Continue reading