Your products are most at risk when they are in transit. You can reduce these risks significantly with good transport packaging solutions that can safely secure your shipments. NPP Group provides products with which you can bind, wrap and protect your goods. Our complete range of transport packaging will help you ease your preparations for transport, as well as protecting your products in transit.

Transport Packaging Solutions


Pallet Wrap

Our range includes Eco Fiber film, Fiber Film, Air O Film, machine pallet wrap and hand pallet wrap. These will allow you to wrap your shipments and keep them bound and secure while also protecting them against the elements.

Pallet Sheeting

Pallet top and base sheets keep your products protected against moisture and dust while in transit. Base sheets are laid on top of the pallet before loading, while top sheets are laid on top of the shipment once packing is complete.

Pallet Hoods

Protect and bind your products with our shrink or stretch pallet hoods.


NPP’s strapping is ideal for the securing and bundling of your pallets. They are available in a range of widths, thicknesses, strengths and colours, and are made from PET and PP plastics.

Void Fill and Protection

For items that need to be secured against possible damage as a result of shifting during transit, we offer a range of void fill products, including air cushion box fill, Dunnage void fill, and Korrvu suspension packaging. This will keep those valuable items firmly placed during the journey.

You should never move your valuable shipments without using these vital transport packing materials. Contact us today to discuss your transport and packaging needs. Browse our range of transport packaging solutions or take a look at our range of other products.