NPP Group are experts in sustainable packaging design, and we are committed to promoting and sourcing sustainable materials in the making of our products. We have developed an innovative range of packaging that is entirely sustainable and recyclable, including a line of compostable products.

NPP Group is committed to promoting and sourcing sustainable materials in the making of our products. We have developed a range of packaging that is compostable and sustainable.

Reduce your footprint with sustainable packaging


Our environmentally friendly solutions include compostable products, as well as packaging supplies created from sustainable sources.

Compostable Packaging 

This packaging can be composted and recycled back into nature. These products are made of renewable materials such as wood pulp. The results are amazingly diverse, taking the form of films, bags and sleeves. Use them to wrap and package your food items and other products, as you would any other wrapping material, and rest assured that your footprint is being substantially diminished.

Sustainable Packaging

We create our products with sustainability in mind. We aim to reduce waste, as well as the overall amount of packaging used. We endeavor to increase our use of recycled materials in our packaging, to manufacture more products that are recyclable, and encourage the post-
use recycling of packaging.

Recyplast shrink film is produced from between 15 and 50% post-consumer recycled raw material. With an extremely low carbon footprint, it also offers high performance and technical innovation.

Our Cryovac Skin Film is designed to extend the shelf life of foods, as well as allowing great presentation. This film, widely used in the packaging of meats, reduces the amount of packaging used compared to traditional options. 

Lactosac is a bag specially designed for the packaging of milk powder. However, it is also suitable for any dry ingredients that are packed on paper sack filling lines.

The Earthpouch is a plastic-free and 100% recyclable stand-up pouch that is suitable for dry and moist food products and Kraft papers can be used to wrap breads, meats and other products, for maximum freshness.

The great news is that you can enjoy the environmental benefits of these solutions, while not having to sacrifice any of the features you expect from your packaging. Sustained freshness and great presentation are still guaranteed.

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