Paper packaging is still very much in demand, especially in certain sectors of the food industry. NPP Group supplies a range of paper wraps and bags for a variety of uses from bakeries to deli counters.

Papers and Wraps 

Kraft brown paper packaging and printed deli paper not only keep foods fresh, but also create attractive packages for customers. You can opt for plain white or brown wraps or have your branding printed on packaging specially designed for you. You can pack breads and other baked products, as well as meats and deli goods, among others, in our wraps and bags.

With printed deli papers, we can provide both freshness and brand awareness. These papers are perfect for products like cold cuts thanks to their high performance as barriers to grease and moisture. And, thanks to the flexibility and memory of paper, it can be used for wrapping without the need for stickers. Our papers are also sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.

Paper Bags 

Our paper bags have all the qualities of wraps and papers, but in convenient, scalable and attractive bags that can be designed to perfectly suit your product – whether you’re selling baguettes or cold cuts.

Our paper bags not only preserve the freshness and flavour of your products, but also display them appealingly and allow the foods to breathe. When used for meats, in addition to keeping all the juices and odours safely inside, the bags can be heat-sealed to ensure ultimate food hygiene. 

We also offer a smart window option that provides customers with an attractive peek at your products. We understand that the perfect combination of display and preservation is important for your packaging. These bags are entirely sustainable – their paper and film components can easily be pulled apart for easy recycling.

NPP Group is a leading supplier of paper packaging in Ireland. Browse our range of paper packaging or take a look at our range of other products. Not sure which paper packaging material suits you best? Contact us, and we will advise you.