Packaging film is an essential input in all industries. No matter what you are packing or shipping, it needs to be wrapped and sealed for protection, preservation and convenience. Our quality film packaging offers all this and more.

Film Packaging Solutions


We stock every kind of film packaging product required for packing and transportation throughout all major industries. These include the following:

Shrink Film

Keep your products safe and fresh throughout the supply chain. Our strong cling films offer enhanced seal strength, unparalleled durability and great clarity and visibility for the retail shelf. Among this range are also films designed to carry your logo or whatever branding you see choose for your packaging.

High Density Film

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is a very strong, multifunctional material used in a wide variety of applications. With its low vapour permeability, it is perfect for freezing.

Lidding Film 

Lidding films preserve the quality, freshness and integrity of your products, no matter what environments they may pass through. They can be tailored to suit all the packing environments and situations.

Form Fill and Seal  (FFS) Film

Maximise shelf impact and protect and preserve your products throughout the supply chain, using our form fill and seal (FFS) films, specially designed for high-speed lines with short sealing times.

Thermoforming Film

Thermoforming film is extremely robust and puncture resistant with powerful sealing characteristics. It is intended for deep-draw applications and can be used on foodstuffs ranging from cheese to meat and dry products.

Flow Wrap Film

If you deal in baked goods or confectionary, then flow wrap film is a must-have for you. It can also be used as secondary packaging to seal boxes and cartons in any industry. It not only maintains freshness but is of excellent clarity for great presentation.

Skin Film

These films provide longer shelf life and appealing presentation in packages sealed to a skin-like fit.

Browse our range of packaging materials, which includes film packaging, or take a look at our range of other products. Not sure which packing film solution suits you best? Contact us, and we will advise you.