Our Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) vary broadly depending on your requirements, making up a range of flexible bulk storage solutions that can be used for an entire spectrum of industrial and agricultural purposes. Perhaps all you need is a simple open-top, flat-based FIBC, or multi-looped one for use in a clean room in the pharmaceutical industry – or anything in between. Each bag is manufactured according to your specific requirements.

NPP’s FIBCs come in the following varieties:

1 and 2 Loop FIBCs

Available with one or two lifting loops, these bags offer cost-effective storage and carriage for a broad variety of products. They can be ordered with or without liners, coated or uncoated.

4 Loop FIBCs

Choose from the Q-bag, Gambo Big Bag and Net Baffle Bag. These tough, spacious bags store everything from food to pharmaceuticals.

Ventilated Big Bags 

Permeable fabric allows bags to breathe without detracting from their strength and toughness.

Conductive Big Bags

Some bags are made of fabric that can be susceptible to static discharges, which could spell disaster if the contents are flammable. Our conductive bags prevent static and keep your products safe from fire hazards.

NPP Group is Ireland’s most reliable and versatile provider of packaging solutions. For more information about our bulk bags and our other products, don’t hesitate to contact us.