NPP Group is a packaging specialist that supplies a full range of packaging and presentation solutions, including converted packaging. Trays, bags, pouches and sleeves are staples of packing, marketing and branding and we supply all of these to the highest quality standards. Choose our solutions for maximum protection and freshness, as well as maximum point-of-sale impact.

Flexible Packaging Manufacturers


NPP is a trusted manufacturer of converted packaging solutions for various industries across Ireland. Our products include the following:

Bags and Sacks

For both solid and liquid products, our tough, durable bags are ideal. We stock bag-in-a-box solutions, sand bags, heavy-duty sacks, polypropylene bags, shrink bags, valve sacks, liners and more.


You can store everything from meat, fish and drinks to pharmaceutical products in our range of aluminium pouches, liquid pouches, vacuum pouches and earth pouches, which come in a range of sizes and shapes.  


Trays are essential for food packaging. We cater to the baked goods, meat and other industries with our flow-wrap, skin pack and hinged trays. Keep your products fresh while also creating excellent shelf appeal. All our trays offer clarity and protection for the ideal combination of freshness and visibility.


We have packaging and branding sleeves for every purpose, from shrink sleeves and reel-fed sleeves to tamper-evident sleeves for a variety of applications.

Browse our range of converted packaging or take a look at our range of other products. We also stock an array of other packaging supplies from machinery to wrapping and strapping. Not sure which packaging solution suits you best? Contact us and we will advise you.