TM60 Fully Automatic Tray Sealer


TM60 A is a fully automatic advanced MAP tray sealing machine.

The TM60 tray sealer is a reliable and user friendly machine which offers MAP technology. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a packaging technology used in the processing and preserving of food and many other products. Modified atmosphere packaging is a safe method of extending the shelf life of many different products.

This sophisticated machine can be equipped on request with tele-assistance module, tray denester, out-feed tray aligners, printed film photocell, skin option, loading area extension and other accessories.

It has a 7″ colour touch screen panel for ease of use and a max film reel width of 420mm.

We have a range of Techpa tray sealers available. The latest addition to our range is the Multifunctional Skin/Tray Sealer. Find out more here.