Pick & Place Robots


The versatile robot that increases productivity across an extensive range of tasks.
Available with different reaches and wrist speeds, this human arm sized robot is your best compact solution for fast handling and processing parts up to 14 kg across a whole range of industries including food or metal.

Featuring optional integrated intelligent (vision & force) functionality for even higher levels of accuracy and productivity, LR Mate handling robots also come with special equipment for welding, painting, clean room.

Adapts flexibly to every situation
This compact multi function robot offers you full flexibility thanks to floor, ceiling, wall and angle mounting. With its compact design and sealed mechanical units (IP67) you can even integrate it directly into your machine tool.

Unique flip over capability
The solution for reduced cycle times, more flexible cell designs, full work envelope in upside down mounting and the ability to run several robots close together.

More throughput
LR Mate’s powerful servo motors and very rigid arm deliver high acceleration and short cycle times, providing users with improved productivity rates.

Wider, stronger, faster
LR Mate 200iD models are available with reaches up to 911 mm, a max. load capacity of 14 kg and a calculated TCP speed of max. 11 metres/sec.

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