Minipack MX2 Vacuum & Infuser


The Minipack MX2 is a 2-in-1 appliance that can be used not only to vacuum pack food but also to marinate and infuse food inside it. The MX2 can vacuum pack all types of food, solids and liquids in different pack sizes. It is also the chosen tool for preparing low-temperature cooking recipes: you can make infusions or cocktails, and seal them in pouches or jars, or you can marinate food and then cook it with the sous-vide technique. Last but not least, the Minipack MX2 is a showpiece: it has a clean, modern design and the colour of the chassis can be customised to suit your taste.

The advantages of having it in your kitchen

Infusions, marinades and cocktails
MX 2 offers much more than just vacuum technology in pouches, jars and bottles: make infusions, marinades, cocktails and recipes in just a few moments.

WiFi and Bluetooth
WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity: just touch the touch screen or your smartphone to program the perfect vacuum cycle for your preparations.

MX 2 adds a touch of design to your kitchen because it is attractive and can be customised with your favourite colour.


Download Brochure

Minipack MX2 Brochure