Machine Pallet Wrap


Our machine pallet wrap is a cast co-extruded film. Our standard wrap is designed for use on core brake and simple pre-stretch rotary stretch wrap machines with up to 150% stretch. Our power wrap is for use on pre-stretch rotary stretch wrap machines with up to 250% stretch.

Both the standard and power wraps have the low unwind noise associated with cast film. The inside face of the reel has high cling; the outside face has low cling. The cling characteristics aids wrap integrity and ensures that the end of the wrap tacks down at all levels of stretch.

SMART Wrap 12mu
SMART Wrap offers all the performance of a conventional machine stretch wrap but from a considerably thinner film profile. This ability to deliver the same pallet protection, stability and security of thicker films but from a thinner gauge allows users of SMART Wrap to wrap pallets with less film by weight, in turn creating less packaging waste. Plus, this reduced waste can be reprocessed after use, as SMART Wrap, like all of the pallet wraps supplied by NPP, is 100% recyclable.

Despite its thinner gauge, SMART Wrap can also be stretched by up to 150%, enabling users to further reduce their “wrap per pallet” consumption.