Lantech QL-400XT Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper


Streamline your stretch wrapping and accelerate your packaging line with the Lantech QL-400XT. The XT Cut and Clamp technology is fully mechanical with no air or hot wire required. It cuts and attaches stretch film automatically, eliminating the need for drivers to exit the forklift. What does that mean for you? Two minutes of labor saved per load and significant safety improvements.

With this Lantech pallet wrapper, the Load Guardian minimizes the need for users to physically interact with the machine by providing an intelligent control system with interactive, responsive applications that simplify the process. Data allows for visual and downloadable performance information and the system settings can be easily and quickly customized with smart phone like apps. Load Guardian is Lantech’s patented control system that creates, maintains and delivers the right containment force for safe-to-ship loads every time.