Lantech Case Sealers


NPP offer a range of Lantech sealers depending on case size, required flexibility, required speed and sealing preference.

The sealers are easy to set up and adjust to a wide range of case sizes.


How Lantech Case Sealers Make Square Cases

Controlling the case throughout the sealing process is the secret to keeping the case square.

Lantech case sealers establish control immediately with adjustable infeed guides that introduce the case into spring loaded side belts.

Our 2 stage front flap folding system ensures the leading top flap folds at the score line. Stage 2 folds the flap perpendicular to the case so the top side flaps will be horizontal when they are closed.

The trailing top flap is precisely folded and an active long flap folding system folds the top side flaps and hold them down to be sealed in that position.

Lantech case sealers preserve the effort and investment you have made in sealing a case properly