Lantech Case Erectors


Lantech Case Erectors deliver square cases, don’t jam and overcome common case manufacturing variations.

Why Square Cases Matter
Square cases pack better, stack better, and protect better. They provide the structural integrity to deliver the performance their designer intended.

Fact: cases lose 30% of their stacking strength if their sides are not aligned.
There are barriers to erecting square cases. Thinner corrugated, temperature and humidity changes, and variations in case blanks can cause cases to be “unsquared” or lead to machine jams.

Lantech Case Erectors overcome these barriers through precise case management and 100% control of cases throughout the entire erecting process, ensuring your cases perform as designed and are produced with maximum efficiency.

Featuring multiple advantages such as ergonomic blank loading, precise case forming, and auto case adjusting, Lantech’s case erectors integrate well into just about any packaging environment.

We offer a range of machines to accommodate various sizes and speed requirements.