Hot Water Dip Tank


NPP’s easy-to-use, easy-clean yet functional dip tanks are semi-automatic machines for heat shrink packaging by submersion in hot water. Once packaged in special heat shrinking bags the product is manually or automatically placed on the loading surface and then subsequently submerged in a tank containing hot water. Once the bag comes into contact with a source of heat it shrinks onto the product surface creating a skin effect. The water temperature and the submersion time are parameters that can be set by the operator according to the type of product and the bag. The water is heated electrically and/or with steam.

We offer four models the DT35, DT45, DT65 and DT85. The DT35 and DT45 models are mounted on wheels, have a fully insulated tank and are equipped with a stainless-steel cover for closing the tank when the machine is not in use or while heating. Once removed, the cover can be placed in the special housing located on the side of the machine.