Greaseproof Paper Bags


At NPP we understand that it is important to use packaging that protects the characteristics of food, without altering its taste. Our eco-sustainable kraft greaseproof bags ensure your products’ flavour is fully retained.

The smart window bag displays your products to best effect. Consider a custom-printed option to ensure that your name or brand is visible to other prospective customers. These bags are also environmentally friendly since its two basic components – paper and film – pull apart easily so materials can be collected separately for recycling.

Alternatively, by using our fresh preserver bags at the butcher counter, you can benefit from the hygienic composition of our wraps, but in bag form. In addition to keeping all the meat’s juices and odours safely inside, the bags can be heat sealed to ensure ultimate food hygiene.

For salami and other dried sausages, the perforated window bag is the perfect solution, allowing the food to breathe while providing hygienic protection.