Composite Packaging


Composite packs are designed to provide optimal protection for fragile products during transit. The packs are usually developed using heavy duty corrugate and a range of other materials such as foam or plastic.

Our composite packaging is expertly designed to provide the required amount of strength and stability so your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition every time. Our design experience allows us to select the proper material and design the composite pack to suit your product and how and where it will be shipped and stored. Once designed, we can then test the package and validate its performance.

We can offer our corrugated and composite packaging as a “Turnkey “service to our clients on a “Just in Time” basis. From concept to completion, we will provide all the packaging materials for your product – all under one roof. We can supply all types of packaging – from outer cases, fittings and inserts to anti-static films, bubble wrap and strapping.


For the protection of vulnerable goods in transit.