Audion Sealboy Magenta


Impulse sealer with magnetic closure and standard knife-option

 Suitable for sealing and cutting (to size) polyethylene/ polypropylene.

The Audion Sealboy Magneta’s pressure arm is standard equipped with an electromagnet controlling both sealing and cooling time, ensuring a constant seal quality for every seal. Very popular for repetitive production as the electromagnetic locking system offers comfort and quality of work.

The 235 SBM’s electromagnet automatically keeps the pressure-arm closed during the seal cycle. By means of a timer you can accurately set the sealing- and cooling time to adjust to the thickness of the film. A useful indicator light allows you to monitor the sealing process so you can operate the SBM as efficiently as possible.

This tabletop sealer is standard equipped with a cutting device, which makes it possible to produce your own bags from tubular film and enables you to cut off the rest film above the seal. For a nice presentation and adjustment of the bag size to your product, you can also use the standard knife option to cut off the excess film parallel, above the seal.

This machine is very user-friendly and requires minimal operator instruction. A seal cycle is started by simply lightly pressing the pressure arm. The magnet holds the pressure arm firmly in place, providing the seal with equally distributed sealing pressure over the entire length of the seal. If necessary, the residual film above the seal can be cut off directly during the sealing cycle. After completing the sealing cycle, the pressure arm opens automatically, after which the bag can be removed and the sealer is ready to make the next package.

Also available in sizes: 420 SBM and 620 SBM