5mu Hand Pallet Wrap


Pallet wrapping film, pallet wrap, or stretch film, is a key product for companies that transport their goods to ensure they are packaged securely when moving them in transit – essentially pallet wrapping ensures goods are secure and don’t get damaged when moved through the supply chain.

The newest addition to our range is the 5mu hand wrap, a technically developed, high-performance wrapping solution. Converting standard stretch material via a secondary process, film is pre-stretched to its maximum elasticity which makes wrapping pallets easier and more efficient.  Despite its light weight and thinner gauge, the film offers the same strength and high-performance levels of thicker pallet wrap products.

With reduced thickness, superior puncture resistance, guaranteed roll lengths and increased holding force, our 5mu pallet wrap will make a huge impact on your packaging operations and your plastic usage.


Suitable for all industrial and tertiary wrapping applications


Standard Width

Roll Length


Available Core Types



5 micron

Standard & Extended



5 micron

Standard & Extended


Also available with 30% recycled content. Find out more.