EVA Lamination Film

As part of our technical films range we can offer either adhesive or thermal lamination to other flexible or rigid substrates.

Adhesive Lamination


These films are laminated using adhesive to multi-ply film structures to add a specialised seal layer. Films within this family are suitable for both solvent-based and solvent-less processes. They can be either mono or co-extruded.

Products in our range include formulations to offer weld or peel seal to PE for flexible form, fill and seal applications, and to PE, APET, PVC, PP, Nylon and Foil as part of a tray lidding laminate. Additional properties can include UV screening, anti-fog, and/or anti-static amongst others.

Thermal lamination

Products in this range are laminated ‘in line’ using external or process heat and are formulated to give a permanent bond to a variety of substrates.
Typical application areas are films for in line thermal lamination offering permanent bonding to thermoforming sheet for food trays. Films are multilayer giving excellent in line bonding to APET, PVC and PS whilst giving the option for a weld or peel seal upper layer for ease of lidding.

Films for offline thermal laminating are also available where a PE layer is required to offer a water resistant barrier to roofing or flooring products