Ripp ’n’ Take® Bag System

Ripp & Take Bag System

Remove Cardboard boxes from you palletisation costs with Rip & Take System

Ripp ‘n’ Take® (patented) provides a polythene self sealing, tamper evident packaging system that can help eliminate the use of unwanted corrugated box packaging at a reduced cost to the customer.

Ripp ‘n’ Take® user-friendly boxed shape bag fills efficiently and self-seals with the unique adhesive seal, available in both reseal and permanent options, both of which are tamper-evident.

Ripp ’n’ Take®
This innovative bag offers the following benefits:

  • User friendly boxed shaped bag which fills, seals and palletises well.
  • No tape is required to seal the bag.
  • Tamper evident opening system.
  • Easy opening system incorporated to eliminate the use of knives or sharp implements during opening.
  • Incoming deliveries of empty Ripp ‘n’ Take® bags greatly reduces the number of pallet spaces used when compared to empty corrugated boxes.
  • Storage space for finished goods is drastically reduced due to better palletisation.
  • Less pallet truck movement.
  • Minimal working area required.
  • No decanting.
  • Should be more economical on purchase price.