LDPE Box and Dolav Liners

PEP Liners (Poly-entrapment Prevention Liners)Dolav Box liners

The PEP was developed to eliminate polythene entrapment as well as reducing your packaging costs. This new product is an innovative alternative to the conventional side gusset liner.

PEP Box Liners: These are designed to create a perfect fit to any size tray or box and reduce the risk of meat contamination.

PEP Jumbo Dolav Box Liners: Large format liners designed to create the perfect fit inside the dolav crate, resulting in less material being required.

Side Gusseted Box Linersstdboxliner

We supply plastic bags & liners in a range of colours and thicknesses to suit every application. All products can be standard / bespoke to customer requirements and are BRC certified for direct food contact.

Jumbo Pallet Box Liners & Hoods

We supply large pallet box liners and hoods in a range of colours and thicknesses to suit every application. Jumbo liners/hoods can be made to specific customer specification and are all BRC certified for direct food contact we carry a range of blue and clear LDPE Jumbo Hoods in stock.


NHS Blend Liners

NPP are pleased to offer a new generation of liners to the Irish Market. This product has been developed using the latest polymer technology. We have successfully down gauged the traditional meat box/tray liners by 30 / 40%. This in turn offers savings to our customers and reduces their carbon footprint.