Lidding Films

Our Lidding films (Top Webs) maintain the quality and freshness of products in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) either through High Barrier films for O2 exclusion for cooked & cured meats, fresh meat, fish, poultry and dairy or through varying perforation techniques to balance O2 and CO2 for whole and prepared salads, vegetables and fruit.

NPP offers a wide range of lidding films for use with most APET, PP or PE lined trays and thermoform base webs with optional extras including:

  • Antifog
  • White
  • Metallised
  • Re-close
  • UV blocker
  • High gloss or MATT finish

With access to technical expertise and on-going support to ensure your product is packaged in the correct film.

lidfilm1Re-closable Applications

The re-closable seal improves freshness, product performance and is lighter and less expensive to introduce than other seals often used on products like cheese. Using intelligent peel and close features, our re-close products provide an easy-open solution which maintains film clarity, feel and breathability properties when applied to the likes of salad bags, sugar, powders, herbs, nuts and fruit products.



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