Formed Bags

The Q Formed bag design is constructed utilising inner baffles which help to maintain the cubic form once the FIBC has been filled. These baffles are manufactured specifically to allow the material to flow into the corners of the bag. Because of this design and cubic shape of the Q bag which requires less storage space and reduces transportation costs up to 30% in comparison with a standard big bag.

Gambo Big bags are also used for the same purpose; these bags are constructed slightly different than Q bag. The cubic shape of the Gambo unit is formed with an inner layer of material that can not be observed by looking at the FIBC. The Gambo design has two main advantages comparing to Q bag. It has better sift proofing capabilities and overall a better appearance.

Net Baffle bags have specially designed net baffles, which enables even the least flowing products to flow directly to the corners of the formed bag. Different than the conventional formed bag baffle design with holes, the horizontally knitted yarns provide extra sift proof and load securement during stacking.

The very unique yarns forming this design avoid contamination of the filled products at all times.

NPP offers net baffle design in formed bags, which vary in dimensions and is tailor made to your needs.

Formed Gambo Bag & Liner


Formed Baffle Bags & Net Liner


Formed Bag Net pic 1