E-commerce packaging is more than a box

If you are an online retailer and still think of your e-commerce packaging as just a box for your product, you may well be lagging behind your competitors. It is becoming increasingly apparent that well-thought-out packaging is an integral part of success in the highly competitive realm of e-commerce. It gets your brand in front of people, it can make you unforgettable, and it can foster customer loyalty. Like so much else in marketing, the success of an e-commerce brand depends heavily on a good first impression. The cardboard in which you pack your goods offers you ample opportunity to make that impression. Putting a lot of thought into your e-commerce branding will help you attract and keep customers.

The facts about e-commerce packaging

As e-commerce continues to ascend, packaging has become a focus area for many role players in the sector, various market surveys have revealed the following common trends:

  • More than half of online shoppers say that they are more likely to return to a retailer that sends their shipment in custom packaging, than to one that does not.
  • Around 90% of orders shipped by online retailers around the world are packed in corrugated packaging. This basic, versatile packing material is thus a kind of blank canvas on which businesses can “paint” their brand identities. 
  • It takes an average of seven seconds for a consumer to form her/his opinion of a brand. That impression then tends to stay and is very difficult to shift.
  • While there are consumers who are more interested in your product than any branding concerns, there are those who pay attention to your marketing. Of these, the majority consider your packaging as crucial as your brand itself.
  • Online retailers who put effort into their packaging report an average 30% increase in consumer interest as a result.

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