Preserve the freshness and quality of your dairy products, from farm to fridge

The Bag in Box (BIB) packaging solution is ideal not only for transport but also as a perfect packaging method for easy distribution of larger units. Thanks to the light weight packaging, less energy and raw materials are used in production and transportation which results in reduced emissions and waste.

With dairy products, quality and freshness are vital for your consumers. Our innovative bag-in-box product offering includes flexible films, bags, fitments, caps and boxes – the complete solution.

Bags & Film

From milk and milk alternatives to creamer, ice cream mix, yogurt, cheese and liquid eggs, we deliver standard and aseptic flexible bag-in-box and pouch packaging solutions that fit any and all of dairy needs. Our aseptic packaging systems mean your dairy products stay fresh and flavorful for longer and also reduce your need for a chilled supply chain.

Our bag-in-box products are designed with fast-paced, foodservice operations in mind with:

  • Simple hoses and quick-connect systems for reliable dispensing.
  • Easy disconnection with less mess for dispenser cleaning protocols.
  • Improved evacuation (up to 99%) to maximize profits and minimize waste.

Sizes Available

  • Standard sizes – 6.5/10/15/20/25 Litre Bags
  • Larger sizes – 200/250/500/1000 Litre Bags
  • 3 Gallon and 5 Gallon bags

Fitments & Taps

Our fitments for the dairy industry include a variety of flat caps, tube caps, flip caps and pouring caps that easily and conveniently work with commercial dispensing machines.

  • Taps built to extend opened shelf life
  • Fitments with automatic shut-off to eliminate chance of spills and waste
  • Lightweight fitments to maximize functionality with minimal source material use


NPP manufacture a variety of high quality corrugated boxes in different shapes and sizes to fit your Bag-in-Box packaging project. Our boxes can either be produced unprinted or with high-quality printing to enhance your brand.

  • Manufactured to exact size and grade
  • High-quality print for optimum presentation – up to 4 colours
  • 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource