Protect Your Products With Tamper Evident Packaging Solutions

There are a number of options available on the market that will help you to protect your products and brand integrity.

Tamper-Evident Tapes

Tamper-evident tapes are a simple deterrent, offering clear evidence when a parcel has been TAMPER EVIDENT TAPEStampered with. This is a great option for high value parcels, display packaging, cash bags and computer software.

If the tape has been removed or tampered with, a “void open” message appears on the package surface. Once pulled away, the tape can’t be re-used or resealed without being noticed.

Custom Printed Tapes

Custom printed tapes are another great way to deter unauthorised access to you parcels while promoting your brand. Similar to tamper evident tapes, it is clear if someone has tried to interfere with the parcel.

Printed tapes are also perfect for building strong brand awareness and are a cheaper alternative to custom branded boxes.


As its name suggests Pharmasac is a quality assured sack developed specifically for hygiene critical internal transfer applications. Post production but pre-packaging, Pharmasac will protect your products from contamination in transit and you can be certain that the sack itself will not leave any trace or residue on the contents. Continue reading

FIBC’s – Types and Uses

FIBC’s are the most cost effective and ideal types of packaging for shipping and storing dry bulk products.  They can be produced from either tubular or flat polypropylene (PP) woven fabrics. These fabrics can be coated or uncoated and vary in difference weight depending on the requirements of the Safe Working Load (SWL) and Safety Factor (SF). Continue reading

NPP’s Guide to Stretchwrap

Top Ten Tips

Drawing on its man years’ experience NPP Group Ltd has compiled the following top ten tips checklist to help achieve the perfectly wrapped pallet. In addition to the following tips it is essential that correct stretch wrap is used and applied in the right way to ensure the production of a wrapped pallet which will cope with the rigours of the modern supply chain.  Continue reading