Printed Labels

self-adhesive-1Self Adhesive Labels

Our self adhesive labels can be designed to display your brand and product details with full food approval labels manufactured to customer specification with technical support providing advice on material selection, label application and issue resolution.

peel-and-resealPeel & Resalable Labels

Ideal when increased information is required on space restrictive products or packaging. Uses include: recipe suggestions, product explanation or brand link promotions.

Peel and Reseal Specifications:

  • Printable 8 colours on face, side 2 and 3.
  • Single colour on reverse (self adhesive).
  • Wide range of materials and adhesives available including paper, card and synthetics.
  • Bonded to any self adhesive laminate using a permanent hinge in any configuration.
  • Can also be produced without a hinge to allow complete removal of top layer.
  • Can be die cut to any shape.
  • Peel here adhesive kill on face material to facilitate easy removal from carrier.
  • Scratch and sniff panels.
  • Sequential numbering.

flash-labelsPromotional Flash Labels

With a dedicated promotional labels facility, extensive stock holding and integrated retail support structure, we can provide an ideal promotional labels service.

We understand the rapid turnaround required for promotional labelling and endeavour to manufacture within even the shortest of timeframes.

Available in a range of materials and adhesives, we offer fit-for-purpose flash solutions to suit all conditions, applications and substrates.